Tuesday, June 28, 2011

small oil

I finished a small 5x7 oil painting of this electrical pole outside of my back door. A quick 2 hour painting.

yay more people!

So I went to Tortilla Bay, the local tex-mex restaurant and drew some people eating.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

in progress

So I decided to start another painting. Here it is so far... it's a tiny painting, kind of sketch.


Sketching at Barnes n Noble with Tori in Naples

At Books A Million with Tori in Naples

Some sketches from Ginny and Jane E's on the island...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Color Study

a quick acrylic sketch of a larger painting I am thinking about doing.


Yay! Summer has begun and here are some sketches I have done so far. :]

Monsters and Jellys.

For her graduation present I made a giant pillow. She named him Sam.

Also, I painted her a house warming gift for her new place.


Woop Woop! My sister has graduated from Eckerd College :]

Computer Animation 2: Spring 2011

Here are some of the exercises we did second semester....

                                             Artie: Finger Point

                                                    Artie: Walk

                                                     Artie: Take

                                               Robie: Nurbs Model

Computer Animation 1: Fall 2010

Ball Bounce

                                                             Primitive Theater


this is Penguino chilling on my desk...

                                                        SimplePoly: Jump
                                                          SimplePoly: Walk


oil paint: 8x10
oil paint: 6x12

oil paint: 5x7

oil paint: 11x14

oil paint: 16x20

oil paint: 12x24

oil paint: 15x30

oil paint: 11x14

I took a landscape painting class and here are some of those paintings. We went around Sarasota and painted. Top to Bottom: Marina Jacks, Marina Jacks, under the St. Armands Bridge, St. Armands Bridge, Carigulos Italian Restaraunt downtown, my apt., South Lido Key Park, and Ringling Museum

Bloggity Blog no. 2

Okay, So I did have an older blog, but I had to restart...i couldn't sign in to my old account. Here is now a new and updated of my artwork throughout the semesters and summer. :]